• Applicants must be citizens of the United States or be in possession of a Green Card (formally known as a Permanent Resident Card or Form I-551)

• Applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in one of the design/arts disciplines listed under “areas of study” - and plan to enter a career in the creative professions.

• Applicants must be matriculated (or planning to matriculate) at accredited colleges and universities in the United States for the Fall 2015/Spring 2016 academic year and intend on maintaining full-time status for the entire year.

• Incoming students who have yet to enroll must submit proof of acceptance from school of choice.

• Though not a requirement, minority status is a significant factor considered in jury decisions.

• Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA.

• Scholarships are only awarded to those students who are in financial need. Applicants must, therefore, provide complete Financial Aid information on the scholarship form and have the form signed by his/her Financial Aid Officer.

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